viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

NAHB Meets The B&W House

Today we had a very special visit in Bowie. The NAHB Research Center team paid us a visit, and it was wonderful to see how pleased they were both with the tour and with the House. We began by giving them a presentation of the project and our competition strategy from a theoretical viewpoint, showing our videos, our setup for the Mall, and finally convincing them that ours is the best project competing.

After theory came practice, and once they were able to see the rooftop movement with their own eyes, they were left quite impressed. Following the spectacular viewing of the exterior of the House, we took them inside to show them the interior and the installations, all the while answering their questions, and to give them a short demonstration of the home automation systems that run the House.

The result of this encounter was a general feeling of satisfaction, both among the members of our team and among the NAHB team members, whose enthusiasm rubbed off on us and gave us an extra push as we begin the final sprint to the competition. They were lucky to be the first to get a full tour of the House that's going to win the next Solar Decathlon competition!

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