viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Competition Day 1 - Inauguration Day

Hello Everybody,

As some of our Professors like to say, it is one thing to build a Ferrari, and it is quite another to drive one. Up until this moment, we've been in building mode, but now it's racing time. What we need is to shift gears, and events like the inauguration ceremony and the visit from our main sponsor, the Spanish Minister of Housing, make that transition easier.

Our first day has been filled with some truly unforgettable moments. We opened The Black&White House to the public, and we have been visited by the DOE Solar Decathlon master and commander, Richard King. We also had a visit from our friend and sponsor Jose Andrés, head of ThinkFoodGroup, who will be preparing our dinner menu for the competition. Also, we were quite surprised to find UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon taking a walk through the interior living space.

On the first day we had 1116 visitors, and the feedback we received so far has been very positive. We are eager to see what happens on Day Two! Also, we are going to keep updating in real time from The Mall using Twitter, so look us up and follow our Tweets!


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