domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Defining Moment - Jury Tours

Saturday was a great day for our team. For those unfamiliar with the competition, we get scored and those points go toward our final placement. Some of those points come from subjective contests in which a board of juries evaluates our efforts and ideas in architecture, communication, and the market viability of the project.

During Saturday morning, we were visited by three groups of judges who first listened to our presentation for twenty minutes, and then took another ten minutes to discuss their impressions amongst themselves. During the next few days we will be hearing what those impressions were and will be receiving a score from them. We cannot wait to see what they thought of of our concept and our House.

After the jury visits, we opened the House to the public and received 1403 visitors. We finished the day at 10pm, when we switched off the lights and left The National Mall for the evening. Today, Sunday, we will be receiving our neighbors for a movie night. It should be a lot of fun.


...check out the scores at

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