miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Installations countdown!

Yesterday was an exciting day! We learned how to mount the white tarp that goes under our PV (photovoltaic) roof structure. The tarp must be folded very precisely, so learning how to dismantle the tarp was also essential.The result is spectacular!

Apart from that, we have been working on the façades of the house. The thermal panels were assembled separately and adhered to the walls. Other than that, the PV glass-glass modules were put together and framed. Little by little, we´re getting there. Important progress has been made on the electrical installation and plumbing systems, as well. The tanks are being connected, so now our technical room has a really neat look! It´s terribly hot here in Spain, but we are working as hard as ever. The results are great, as you can see from the pictures below!

Looking at the rooftop from below

Detail of the back of the rooftop

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