jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

Lumus Maxima

One of the philips bulbs we will be using at the B&W House
The lighting team (Jordi & Victor) don't stop. We paid one of our last visits of the year to Philips today, as we are getting ready to program the lighting protocol for the automatic control system.

Today's acquisitions included a 7W LED bulb for our workstation lamp and 3 LED candles.

The 7W LED bulb caught my attention from the beginning. Its lumen flow is equivalent to that of a 40W tungsten bulb and it doesn't get hot. It also has a life of 45000 hours (45 times that of a common bulb!) and it still projects warm white light (3100K). And here's the best thing: when you buy it, it's already set to replace any ordinary bulb (unscrew the old one, screw in your new MasterLED). The only thing I am not happy about is that it is a bit heavy for its size. Still, I am simply amazed at how easy it can be to start saving energy. It's all about the small changes you make...


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