martes, 28 de julio de 2009

TeamSPAIN in the news (again)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a great, great, GREAT day.

TeamSPAIN made a visit to its most prominent sponsor: The Spanish Ministry of Housing. We also spent a few minutes in the company of the Minister, Beatriz Corredor, who took interest in our backgrounds and future careers. The Vicechancellor of our University was also present. We parked our three trailers in front of the Ministry, at one of the main streets of Madrid, and were able to catch the attention of many passersby.

All the team with the minister of housing

After our visit, we hopped on the trailers and went for a tour of Madrid, showing off our house and taking pictures of the Team as a farewell to the city that has seen this project grow to great heights.

One of the B&W House trucks in front of the Ministry of Housing

The Black&House will be departing soon, and we are proud to say that we bid it farewell with style :-)


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